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At WPS, we are constantly striving to make our assessments easier to use and more accessible on the WPS® Online Evaluation System™(OES).


The Benefits of Online Assessments

    • Check administration status at any time
    • See the remaining number of licenses
    • Email online form links directly to raters, such as parents and teachers
    • Consume an online form only when you score it—never lose a print form again
    • Share online uses and  resources with your organization
    • Have complete confidence that your work is HIPAA/FERPA compliant
    • View, save, print, and easily share valuable reports with teachers, parents, and others involved in the treatment
    • The OES offers greater flexibility, higher efficiency, better tracking, and more affordable options for families and clinicians


The Tests of Dyslexia (TOD™) is the first comprehensive assessment of dyslexia, eliminating the need to use tests from different assessments.



  • This is the first comprehensive dyslexia assessment to include interventions tied to the assessment data.
  • Suitable for all ages, the TOD offers age and grade-based tests, indexes, and composite scores:    
    • TOD-Early (Grades K–2; 5 years, 0 months–9 years, 3 months) and TOD-Comprehensive (Grade 1 through adulthood; 6 years, 0 months–89 years, 11 months)
  • The screener provides a Dyslexia Risk Index score in 10-15 minutes.  
    • This brief assessment can be given individually or in a group format by teachers or other professionals. 
  • The TOD includes:
    • a detailed and evidence-based Dyslexia Interventions and Recommendations Companion Guide. 
    • co-normed rating scales. 
    • tests of reasoning for comparison with reading and spelling. 
  • The TOD allows for:
    • identification and targeting of an individual's difficulties in acquiring literacy skills. 
    • universal application regardless of district Specific Learning Disability (SLD) model. 
    • individually tailored evaluation with standalone tests. 

Conners 4 is the digital revision of the world’s leading Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessment providing a thorough evaluation of associated symptoms and ADHA impairments, as well as common co-occurring problems and disorders, in youth 6 to 18 years old.

New Features:

  • Severe Conduct and Self-Harm Critical Items and a Sleep Problems Indicator
  • Evaluates new content areas and common co-occurring problems such as Emotional Dysregulation, Depressed Mood, and Anxious Thoughts
  • Measures impairments related to ADHD symptoms in the school, social, and family domains
  • An additional DSM Symptoms Scale: Total ADHD Symptoms, for a dimensional approach
  • Improves fairness and inclusivity with gender-inclusive language and culturally sensitive items that show no evidence of measurement bias regarding gender, race/ethnicity, country of residence, or parental education level.

OES Resources:


clinician with parent and child

The Benefits of Online Assessments, Scoring, and Intervention Monitoring

Online clinical assessments offer greater flexibility, higher efficiency, better tracking, and more affordable options for families and clinicians.

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How WPS Protects Protected Health Information and Your Data

Security is a top priority for us at WPS, which is why security is built-in throughout the WPS e-commerce website and the Online Evaluation System (OES).

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Do you really need an ADA Compliant Website?

More than a decade later companies are still struggling to achieve compliance, and a 2020 study found that 98% of companies do not offer full accessibility services.

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School Districts can now quickly and securely access the WPS Online Evaluation System (OES) via single sign-on using the Clever App:

For questions about school access and the Clever Application, contact our IT department at 800.648.8857 (U.S. and Canada only) or 424.201.8800.


What is the Clever App?

Clever allows for Single Sign-On (SSO) for school faculty, students, and families and securely automates the transfer of information to authorized personnel. Clever integrates with your existing identity provider (Google, ADFS, and more) or accepts your own synced credentials to make this possible.


Benefits of Using Clever:

  • Save time, reduce data errors, and strengthen data security with automated rostering.
  • Log in to all digital resources in one central portal with one password.
  • Fast log in to devices and software—no typing necessary.
  • Allows educators to discover, try, and review edtech with strong data privacy controls.