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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations

– Ashley Arnold, MA, LSSP, NCSP,

– Laura Stevenson, MS, CCC-SLP

(Download webinar slides here)

Introduction to the Tests of Dyslexia (TOD™) 

Introduction to the Tests of Dyslexia (TOD™) 

– Nancy Mather, PhD

– Sherry Bell, PhD,

– Steve McCallum, PhD

– Barbara Wendling, MA. 

(Download webinar slides here)

Challenges in Assessing Dyslexia 

– Nancy Mather, PhD.

(Download webinar slides here)

Best Practices in Dyslexia Assessment 

– Nancy Mather, PhD.

(Download webinar slides here)
(Handout 1) (Handout 2)

Dyslexia 101: Understanding Dyslexia and Its Impact on Reading, Spelling, and Self-Esteem

– Nancy Mather, PhD.

(Download webinar slides here)


What Am I Treating? Case Conceptualization and Treatment Informed Evaluation in Childhood Developmental, Behavioral and Emotional Disorders

– Sam Goldstein, PhD.

(Download webinar slides here)
(Download the childhood history form here)

Pragmatics Demystified: Unraveling the Complexities Pragmatics 

– Laura Stevenson, MS CCC-SLP

(Download webinar slides here)

The Autistic Experience Across the Lifespan: Considerations for Improved Clinical Practice

– Ann K. Rogers

(Download webinar slides here)

Assessing Sensory Integration and Processing in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

– Douglene Jackson

(Download webinar slides here)
(Download Q&A PDF here)

Understanding, Evaluating, and Treating Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder in Childhood

– Sam Goldstein, PhD

(Download webinar slides here)
(Download Q&A PDF here)

Q&A with the Author of The Developmental Profile 4 (DP-4)

Dr. Gerald Alpern


How Schools Develop Comprehensive Behavior Supports for Students Using the BIMAS-2 Assessment

Achilles N. Bardos, PhD & Jim L. McDougal, PsyD.

Autism Conversations: Individualizing Educational Interventions w/the MIGDAS™-2 Evaluation Process 

– Dr. Marilyn Monteiro

(Download webinar slides here)
(Download Q&A PDF here)

Behind the Scenes of the SPM-2 Assessment &

SPM-2 Quick Tips – Douglene Jackson

(Download webinar slides here)


Remote or In-Person: Evaluate and Monitor Students' Development Using the New DP-4 – Stephanie Roberts

(Download webinar slides here)

How to Enhance Your Adaptive Behavior Evaluations – Dr. Patti Harrison

(Download webinar slides here)

Reveal Their Story: How the MIGDAS-2 Process Individualizes Autism Assessments – Dr. Marilyn Monteiro

(Download webinar slides here)


How Cyberbullying Impacts Students on and off the Autism Spectrum – Dr. Justin Patchin 

(Download webinar slides here)
(Download Q&A PDF here)

Self-Regulation and Coping across the Life Span Using the Sensory Processing Measure, Second Edition – Douglene Jackson

(Download webinar slides here)

Online Assessment Tools Every Practitioner Needs for Telepractice – Ashley Arnold

(Download webinar slides here)

Improve Study Strategies and Enhance Comprehension in Homeschool and Remote Teaching Environments – Cecil Reynolds

(Download webinar slides here)


How the Sensory-Based MIGDAS-2 Individualizes the Autism Diagnostic Process – Marilyn Monteiro

(Download webinar slides here)
(Download Q&A PDF here)

Anxiety: Recognizing and Assessing for Intervention – Cecil Reynolds 

(Download webinar slides here)
(Download Q&A PDF here)


SPM & SPM-P Quick Tips with Case Study: Helping a Preschooler with ASD and Sensory Processing Issues – Diana Henry

(Download webinar slides here)
(Download sample materials here)

Sustaining Your Resilience in Stressful Times Part 3: TENACITY: The Seven Instincts That Make Us Human – Sam Goldstein

(Download webinar slides here)

Sustaining Your Resilience in Stressful Times Part 2: Standing & Addressing the Cascade of Youth Risk

– Sam Goldstein

(Download webinar slides here)

Sustaining Your Resilience in Stressful Times Part 1: Guidelines for Pediatric Mental Health Professionals – Sam Goldstein

(Download webinar slides here)

OT Assessment via Telehealth – Douglene Jackson

Pandemic Distress: Navigating the Course with Social–Emotional Learning (SEL) – Donna Black

Separating Fact from Fiction in Online Assessment

– Stephanie Roberts

7 Rating Scales Available Online Now – Ashley Arnold

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WPS has a wide range of online products that may be appropriately used for telepractice under certain conditions. Please keep in mind that local laws and regulations apply and must be considered first in each case.

The WPS Online Evaluation System increases clinical efficiency for the same price as print materials, allowing you to quickly administer and score many of the WPS assessments you know and trust. Use it with complete confidence because it’s HIPAA/FERPA compliant. You can:

  • Administer locally or remotely

  • Email links to online forms directly to raters

  • Check the status of an administration at any time

  • Consume the online form only when you score it

  • Score quickly and easily; there’s no need for manual calculations

All available kits and online forms can be purchased here:

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Do the webinars offer CEs?

WPS will provide a certificate of attendance within 1–2 days after the webinar, but WPS is not sponsoring continuing education credit for the webinar events.

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Interested in WPS CEs?

WPS makes it easy for test users to satisfy their continuing education requirements. Visit our Continuing Education webpage for specific independent study offerings that WPS has available for CE credit, which meet the CE guidelines from APA and AOTA. Each offering has been reviewed and approved to meet specific standards required by these organizations.

For more information on CEs, please visit our FAQs section under Programs and Training and then Continuing Education.

What do I need to assess from home?

Whether you have a PC or Mac, you'll need an understanding of national and state guidelines as well as familiarity with video conferencing. Here are links to professional organizations on getting started: ASHA, NASP, AOTA, and APA. You can also view the WPS remote assessment guidelines for information on testing.

Are the standards for assessing remotely changing amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, states are allowing for expanded use of telemedicine and telehealth services. Practitioners should review their local and state guidelines.

What other assessments can I use to evaluate someone remotely?

You can administer and score the following products, which require no adaptations for remote administration, via the WPS Online Evaluation System: ABAS-3, DP-4, Piers-Harris 3, RCMAS-2, RISE, SCQ, SMALSI, SPM, SPM Quick Tips, SPM-P, SPM-P Quick Tips, SPM-2, SPM-2 Quick Tips, and SRS-2.

For performance tests, do you have data comparing remote administration vs. in-person administration?

Yes, a recent study compared performance on the Clinical Assessment of Pragmatics (CAPs) using remote administration vs. in-person administration, and the results suggest that test scores obtained through administering the CAPs remotely are equivalent to test scores obtained through standardized, in-person administration.